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Help Build Kennels


When we try so hard. We are out there EVERY DAY – educating, rescuing, removing dogs and cats, doing Vet runs (with money we have no idea where it will come from) and in less than two weeks we have had to remove 62 dogs … Yet we are battling to get help building kennels to house these rescues 😭😭😭 We watch our dogs stand in the rain, in the mud and feel so guilty. We have so much space to build kennels but no funds …
Times are tough we know, so maybe if we could ask for help in smaller ways maybe? .. A roll of fencing, a fencing pole or two? Vibracrete panels? Please 🙏. A contribution towards roofsheeting? Cement? Down pipes? We need to build at least another 40 kennels before winter starts 🙈🙈🙈🙏🙏🙏


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